Project Action is a broad follow-up initiative to support alumni from the Project Access program who are ready to take the next step: identify, develop, and implement a project that addresses a key need of their communities. This might include providing assistance to help finance a local enterprise start-up; educational opportunities; or advanced mentorship.

Tribal Link has supported Project Access alumni to obtain college degrees (Daniel Salau and Samwel Naikada from Kenya); attend fellowship programs (Athili Sapriina as the first Indigenous Fellow of the Columbia University Human Rights Advocates Program); study English as a Second Language in New York (Tuwe Huni Kuin, from the Huni Kuin peoples in the Brazilian Amazon); learn film-making and editing (Tuwe Huni Kuin); engage in local politics (Mary Simat, Maasai, Kenya); support a workshop on women’s entrepreneurship (Kenya), etc.

Tribal Link has a regional network of Project Access graduates who have agreed to mentor current and future graduates as they work to bring to fruition a project identified by their community.