About the Education, Leadership and Rights Program

The objective of the Education, Leadership, and Rights Program is to develop a generation of leaders who can work successfully in two worlds: their community and the global arena.

This program invests in a focused group of individuals with significant potential but who are trapped by poverty and lack of resources. By combining access to schooling with rights training sessions, experiential learning visits, and mentoring, participants will, in time, emerge as leaders, grounded in grassroots realities and having the confidence and capability to become important leaders in a global context, where their voices, ideas, and skills are needed.

The East African Young Women's Leadership Initiative


This partnership with Brighter Green educates Maasai young women from Kenya and Tanzania, and provides leadership training and mentoring as they become advocates and leaders for women, Indigenous Peoples, and the environment. Our aim is to develop the young women’s skills, knowledge, environmental awareness, and confidence so that as adult women they will be successful leaders in their communities. Each of our participants has graduated high school and is now in higher education.

For more information, please see the Initiative's website: http://www.maasaigirlseducationinitiative.org/