The Indigenous Entrepreneurship Program is comprised of two pillars: on the one hand, we work with indigenous peoples to develop livelihood strategies such as entrepreneurial ideas and projects, and assist with capacity building, training, and support to bring their products to market. On the other, we support the private sector to engage with indigenous communities to ethically collaborate on projects that help establish guidelines and procedures for mutual, sustainable, and long-term benefit to both parties.

We have worked with the Natural Resources Stewardship Circle of the Cosmetics, Aromatics and Perfume industry since 2009 on ways in which the industry can respect the rights of indigenous peoples in their work. In 2009, we brought together company executives and indigenous leaders to draft guidelines that respect the rights of indigenous peoples in trade relationships. Since then, we've supported the NRSC with advice regarding the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; Free, Prior and Informed Consent; traditional knowledge, Access and Benefit Sharing, etc. 

Focus Areas:
• Capacity Building For Indigenous Peoples And the Private Sector
• Toolkits And Training For Business Skills Development
• Two-Way Mentoring: Business / Indigenous Peoples
• Peer-To-Peer Learning (Indigenous-To-Indigenous Exchanges)
• Access To Capital And Information Related To Developing Entreprises
• Best Practices And Indigenous Resource Networks